Maemo Bluetooth Connectivity Plugin

This plugin allows you to connect Bluetooth keyboards and GPS modules to the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

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Nokia 770 and Nokia SU-8W BT keyboard

Download the plugin

Installation: Download the above software package either directly to the 770, or transfer it on a MMC card. Use the Application manager, or simply double click the package in the file manger. After restarting the device you should see a new Bluetooth icon in the statusbar area of the desktop.

Version history

0.6.1, December 10 2006

0.6.0, November 19 2006

0.5.0, July 30 2006

0.4.0, March 30 2006

0.3.1, January 25 2006

Connecting a Keyboard

While not an officially supported input method, the Nokia 770 is capable of accepting input from hardware keyboards. Both wireless Bluetooth keyboards and USB keyboards have been tested to work with the device.

Once the keyboard is paired with the 770, simply turning on the keyboard will automatically establish the connection.

Connecting a GPS module

This plugin allows you to establish a connection with a Bluetooth enabled GPS receiver. In order to make use of your GPS module you will also need to install some third party GPS software, such as the Maemo port of GPSDrive.

Starting GPSDrive

The Maemo port of GPSDrive (version 0.0.3 and later) and the Maemo Bluetooth Plugin (version 0.4.0 and later) have been designed to be compatible with each other.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Which Bluetooth keyboards are supported?

A: Any keyboard supporting the HID Bluetooth profile should work with the 770. If the device is advertised as working with normal desktop systems, such as Windows and OS X, it is often likely to work.

The following keyboards have been tested to work with the 770: Nokia SU-8W, ThinkOutside Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard, I-Tech Virtual Laser Keyboard.

Q: Are the Freedom range of keyboards supported?

A: The regular Freedom is not a Bluetooth HID compatible device and can not be used with the plugin. The Freedom Mini and the Freedom Universal however do work.

Q: Which GPS modules are supported?

A: The software has been tested with the Nokia LD-1W GPS module, but you should be able to use any standard NMEA compatible Bluetooth GPS module.

Q: Is my regional keyboard layout X supported?

A: Currently the Bluetooth plugin comes with support for only a few layouts. With a bit of hacking it's not too hard to produce a custom layout (see the hacking section below). You can then send your layout to me for inclusion in the next version if you think others would find it useful.

Q: Can I use the on screen keyboard when I'm using a BT keyboard?

A: No, sorry. The on screen keyboard is currently not compatible with hardware keyboards.

Q: How can I use an USB keyboard with the 770?

A: The good news is that no software at all needs to be installed for USB keyboard support, the 770 detects when you plug in a keyboard and does the right thing automatically. The bad news is that the 770 is not capable of supplying power to the USB devices you attach to it. In practice this means you are limited to Bluetooth connectivity unless you have a special voltage-modified USB hub or a self-powered USB keyboard.

Hacking the input method

Interested in hacking the 770 input method? Some details to get you started: