ScummVM for the Nokia 770

The Secret of Monkey Island

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ScummVM runs great on the Nokia 770! There's enough keys on the device to map everything you need to play comfortably, the large screen allow the games to run in their native resolution and every ScummVM feature works, from music to fullscreen gameplay.

Download ScummVM

Install the ScummVM package through the Application Installer on the Nokia 770. An icon for ScummVM (and any games you install) will be placed under the Extras menu on the device.

Version history

0.8.0 Final, January 21 2006

Download Games

The following freely distributable games are available as Application Installer packages:

If you have datafiles for additional games, place them in your home directory on the device (one game per subdirectory), run ScummVM and create a new entry for the game by pointing the program to where you placed the data.

ScummVM Key Maps for the 770

Classic Lucasarts games (SCUMM engine)

Left mouse button (Movement & actions)
Toggle fullscreen mode
Toggle fast mode
The number 1 (used in the copy protection screen in Monkey Island 2)
Pause game
Skip one line of dialog (in games that support it)
Slower text speed
Faster text speed
Right mouse button (Highlighted action shortcut)
Skip conversation/cutscene
Open the game menu

Beneath a Steel Sky

Left mouse button (Movement)
Toggle fullscreen mode
Toggle fast mode
Skip one line of dialog
Right mouse button (Action)
Skip introduction
Open the game menu

Supported Games

In order to save space the Maemo ScummVM package is currently built with support for all the LucasArts SCUMM based games (The Monkey Island series, Sam & Max, etc.), Beneath a Steel Sky and Flight of the Amazon queen. If you want to play additional games such as Simon the Sorcerer, you'll have to recompile ScummVM yourself.

Source Code